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Bernie Sanders stays in the stump after receiving a needle for a head injury.

"When I cut my hair at the edge of the glass shower door, I received 7 needles along with clean health insurance at a local walk-in clinic," Sanders told a news conference before the health care panel. . "

Sanders did not admit a bandage around his left eye, except for a brief period around the suture area on a panel of patients and health professionals at the 1422 Alliance Hall in the International Longshoremen Association in Charleston.

Before the public event after the injury, Sanders said he also attended a breakfast meeting with about 20 local clergy. He plans to continue the rally on Saturday as scheduled to Nevada.

Sanders' second appearance in Palmetto, which was defeated by Hillary Clinton in early 2016, about a month before the 2016 presidential campaign, was a health care conversation. On Thursday night, he addressed supporters at the gym of North Charleston Baptist church and warned the healthcare industry.

"Tonight, we speak very clearly to private health insurance companies. Whether we like it or not, the United States will merge with all the other major nations on the planet and guarantee health care for everyone," Sanders said. to make. "As you know, I hope you all know this, there is another columnist in the newspaper every day, and the editorial attacks me." This is an unrealistic idea. "If you can guarantee your health to the people of Canada, Germany, Scandinavia, France, and Britain, do not tell me that the United States is not doing well, just telling everyone that you have rights."

He sent the message on the panel on Friday and then on the question and answer time.

"We have tens of millions of Americans who have systems that allow insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies to make billions of dollars but can not afford doctors," said Sanders spokesman. "To me it is pretty crazy stuff."

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