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Black Friday 2018 Galaxy Deal: Free Galaxy S9, $ 600 Notes 9, $ 300 Gift Card


If you are considering purchasing a new Galaxy phone, tap on your waist with your self-certification. The best time to buy a phone It is now.. Black Friday is already sold on Samsung phones. Week 9 and Galaxy S9. Upcoming sales include more modest models that can be purchased for less than $ 100. This is just the beginning, so it's a good idea to compare the suggestions below. Expect more benefits from Cyber ​​Monday.

Promotions range from Buy-one, Get-One-Free offers to discounts and gift cards. I will update frequently as Black Friday deal appears. You have many options.

Also on Black Friday Pixel 3, iPhone XS and XR, And excellent deals OnePlus 6T and top-level LG models.

I just know that.

  • The transaction below November 18Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular,, Target, Amazon, Best Buy, and Sam's Club. Unless otherwise noted, hours are local time.
  • CNET can earn revenue by selling the products introduced on this page.
  • You are linked to the current list on the retailer's website, but you may not see the sales price reflected on the page until you start selling.

Verizon: Buy one of the Galaxy S9, and buy it for free, or take $ 800 from Note 9 or S9 Plus.

Angela Lang / CNET

Verizon's promotion is very simple. When you purchase the Galaxy S9, Verizon will offer a second S9 free of charge (still paying for the service) when activating the additional service line. Or, if you are not admitted to this BOGO, you can earn more expensive and larger Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy S9 Plus at $ 800 when opening a new service line. Either way, you'll see a discount in the form of a charged credit over the next 24 months.

This event is now available.

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T-Mobile carrier deals: free Galaxy phone or up to $ 750 discount

Josh Miller / CNET

T-Mobile's Black Friday deal starts on November 16th, and it's getting a little complicated, so take it with you. You can receive calls for free (choose from select models), or you can get up to $ 750 at the full price of your phone. It is when you exchange from the old phone. and Add additional service lines to your plan. So if you already have one phone line, add the second line and this transaction will be applied. If you pay for two phone lines, it works when you add a third phone line.

Here are some reasons why your phone may be shaken.
emptied: Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8
Up to $ 750 off: Note 9, Galaxy S9 Plus, Galaxy S8 Active

Here's how invoice credits work. If your phone is off-camp for $ 750 (select from some models), you will receive your trade-in value plus The $ 500 credit spread from 24 bill credits. So if you buy a $ 900 phone, you can get up to $ 250 in trade-in and $ 500 in credit for two years.

This event is now available.

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US Cellular: Free Galaxy S9, or $ 250 on some phones

Get a free 64GB Galaxy S9 when you switch to a US Cellular unlimited plan. Based on a total upgrade plan, currently upgradable US Cellular customers can receive up to $ 250 for some featured smartphones and up to $ 200 for more referrals.

The negotiations are now live and will continue to be available until November 26.

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Galaxy Note $ 9,600, S9 Plus $ 440, S9 Samsung Collector $ 320 ($ 400 off)

Angela Lang / CNET

If you save 40% on a $ 1000 phone, this $ 600 still offers the best deal for 128GB Note 9. Samsung sold $ 400 on the S9 Plus and S9, $ 320 on the Galaxy S9 and $ 440 on the S9 Plus. This service will lock your Verizon service and you will need to sign on for device payment planning.

The sale will begin on November 22nd (Thanksgiving Day).

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Note 9 Reviews

Unlocked Notes 9 $ 800, S9 Plus $ 640, S9 $ 520, ($ 200 off)

Angela Lang / CNET

The deal will be exempted from the $ 9 (128GB), Galaxy S9 (64GB) or S9 Plus (64GB) when purchased on the Samsung website. Note 9 is $ 800, S9 is $ 520, and S9 Plus is $ 640. Even so, the extra savings are not counted when exchanging on an old cell phone. If you buy one of the two phones, Samsung will give you up to $ 300.

November 18, 2018 from 12:01 am to November 26 will start selling.

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$ 372 off $ 200 on T-Mobile, AT & T, Sprint Note 9, S9 Plus, S9

Sarah Tew / CNET

AT & T, T-Mobile and Sprint are also cutting prices on Galaxy S9, S9 Plus and Note 9. If you get Sprint's service, you'll get a $ 200 to $ 372 discount on your S9 Plus. All transactions start at

The sale will start on November 18th.

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Get $ 900, S9 plus $ 640, S9 $ 520 ($ 200 off) and free starter kit

Sarah Tew / CNET

Buy a Galaxy S9, S9 Plus or Note 9 from Samsung and get $ 200 in ticket prices and starter kits. Samsung puts DeX cable, wireless charger, case and studio grade AKG headphones (except earphones). Although we can not make a lot of money through this deal, Samsung rates the starter kit bundle at $ 300. So, if you are putting an excess can set on the market, it is worth it.

The sale will be on November 18 from 12:01 am to November 26.

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Galaxy S9, Note 9, S9 Plus: $ 300 off Best Buy

Josh Miller / CNET

T-Mobile customers do not get the benefits of Best Buy, but $ 300 of Samsung's premium phones is a pretty good deal. Authenticated activation is required for this transaction, and the exact price of your phone depends on your carrier.

The promotion will start at 5 pm on November 22nd (Thanksgiving Day). Activated on AT & T, Sprint or Verizon.

Please check with Best Buy.

Galaxy S9 Reviews

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Gift card for $ 300

Angela Lang / CNET

For doodlers, tinkerers, and Android enthusiasts, you pay the full price of this superphone, but you can not sneak a $ 300 gift card. If you buy a large amount of gifts from Target, you have something to say about one-stop. Shopping during vacation crush.

Sales will run from November 23 to November 25. You must be certified for AT & T or Verizon. Two guests per guest.

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Galaxy Note 9 Reviews

Galaxy S9, Note 9, S9 Plus, S8, S8 Plus and Wal-Mart $ 300 Gift Card

Josh Miller / CNET

For Galaxy Note 9, S9, S9 Plus, S8 Plus, and S8 Plus, you will have to pay the full price, but if you already have a lot of Wal-Mart buyers, you will be able to trade with "free" Wal-Mart cash for $ 300. To receive your gift card, you must activate your phone from AT & T, Sprint, or Verizon's store.

This coupon will only be available on November 22nd at 6pm in your local store. Make an appointment at 6 pm. Activation starts at 8 PM.

Galaxy S9, S9 Plus or Note 9: $ 300 gift card from Sam 's Club

Josh Miller / CNET

Sam & # 39; s Club, like any gift card offered by other retailers, buys a Samsung card, one of the in – flight cards, and forks up to $ 300 in gift cards when donating. Galaxy S9, S9 Plus or Galaxy Note 9 This promotion applies to both online and in-store purchases.

This event is now available.

View at Sam Club

$ 450 off Galaxy S8, Best Buy ($ 150 off)

Josh Miller / CNET

Last year's Galaxy S8 is for those who want to save a few more dollars as a smart alternative to the Galaxy S9. This discount for the 64GB unlocked version (black) is a more attractive product. The specs of the Galaxy S8 are strong enough to attract you since 2019. Unlocked phones mean you can choose your carrier, so you do not need to activate your store.

It will be on sale from November 22nd (Thanksgiving Day) to November 24th at 5pm.

Please check with Best Buy.

Galaxy S8 Reviews

$ 200 off ($ 130 off) on Galaxy S7 and Wal-Mart

Josh Miller / CNET

Straight Talk customers can raise their pre-paid Galaxy S7 to $ 200 in 2016. It will be displayed in black with a storage capacity of 32GB.

online: November 21st, 7pm Pacific Time
In the store: November 22, 6 pm to November 23

View at Walmart

Galaxy S7 review

Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit $ 65: $ 35 ~ $ 85 off at Target and Best Buy


Entry-level telephones such as the Galaxy J3 orbit are not very helpful in terms of camera excellence or speed, but are relatively portable on the 5-inch screen. Target and Best Buy both sell phones for $ 65 through a combination of prepaid services. In partnership with Total Wireless, Best Buy's offer works with Simple Mobile, TracFone, and Total Wireless.

goal: Began sales on November 22nd (Thanksgiving Day).
Best Buy: Promotion will start from 5 pm on November 22 to November 24.

View on target

Best Buy

Galaxy J7 Crown $ 80, $ 100 ($ 110 at Wal-Mart, $ 90 at Best Buy)


The Galaxy J7 Crown is a mid-range phone with a 5.5-inch screen and a 13 megapixel camera on both the front and rear. At Walmart, the phone is sold for $ 80 via Straight Talk service. Best Buy costs $ 100 and uses a Total Wireless or Simple Mobile network.

Start Wal-Mart sales: Online: November 21st at 7PM PT (10PM ET). Stores: November 22, 6 pm to November 23.
Start selling Best Buy: November 22 at 5:00 pm until November 24th.

View at Walmart

Please check with Best Buy.

Samsung Galaxy J7: $ 90 off target

One of the more powerful entry-level Android phones that you can buy, the $ 100 Galaxy J7 has a 5.5 inch screen and a 13 megapixel rear camera. This offer is for Total Wireless service.

Began sales on November 22 (Thanksgiving Day).

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