Thursday , March 30 2023

Controversial charges against Matthew Whitaker's gay Democrat


It began in 2007 when McCoy was a democrat of state politics and is the first publicly renowned lawmaker in the country. Whitaker was an American lawyer in southern Iowa at the time.

The grand jury indictment accused McCoy of attempting to use his elected office to steal $ 2,000 from a consultant at Des Moines home security firm. The charge is made up of a sophisticated secret investigation by the FBI that McCoy 's business partner wears a recording device. McCoy demanded money by saying he owes him for his consulting work.

In an interview with CNN this week, McCoy said, "I really wanted to prove that if I had a garden diversity business dispute that I had to deal with in a small indemnity court, I'd do something really scary."

The trial lasted more than a week, and the prosecutors tried to prove that the business partner did not pay McCoy for consulting, and because Diso had difficulty in abstinence without remembering many details, did. Register for articles about Moines trial.

Eventually, the jury found guilty verdicts for one and a half hours, including lunch, according to the demo registry.

"There is no doubt that we believe it is a political prosecution," McCoy said. "We can be 100% confident." McCoy added that he thinks he is the target because he is gay as well as because he is a Democrat. "McCoy said," Whitaker will speak at the Christian Coalition event, often mentioning God in his decision-making process and leading to God's hand. " "So I am very angry with my way of life that I believe it causes the problem."

Whitaker spokesman has been asked whether the indictment was politically motivated since the indictment in 2007. Immediately after McCoy was released, the editorial of the Des Moines Register called for McCoy to reimburse McCoy for legal fees, and he raised questions. "Was McCoy prosecution a product of poor judgment, lack of experience, enthusiasm, or partisan political attitude?

A Justice Department official sent a statement to defend CNN. "As an American lawyer, US Attorney General Whitaker is responsible for keeping the rule of law and raising suspicions about illegal activities." The Justice Department filed an independent investigation and the Prosecutor's Office handled the case, "I do not deny my obligation to disclose when a law enforcement agency has ruled a law violation."

Whitaker ran a conservative group funded by dark money.

McCoy said two years of legitimate fighting had depleted his finances and had a lasting impact on his life. "As a result I put my whole family in an emotional state, I had an old parent, I had a baby son … I had emotional distress to my loved ones and it was completely unnecessary."

McCoy has kept the state Senate seat for 11 years, and he is likely to hold it until January. Polk county board elected 82% of the vote.

Whitaker became a US lawyer in 2009 and was unable to run for the US Senate in 2014. He also failed to compete for the Iowa Supreme Court and established the Washington Nonprofit Foundation, Accountability and Civic Trust. With absolutely dark money. In 2017, he served as Former Attorney General of Jeff Sessions and served as a former boss until this week.

CNN's Scott Bronstein and Madeleine Ayer contributed to this report.

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