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Elon Musk's brain computer company announced schedule

Neuralink, a brain computing venture in Elon Musk, will "share" secretly done work since it began several years ago on Tuesday.

He is also Chief Executive Officer of Musk and Tesla Inc.

TSLA, + 2.72%

And Space Exploration Technologies Corp. and the boring company retweeted Neuralink's announcement late Thursday.

Neuralink's bare-bones website has a job board that is described as "a very high bandwidth brain-to-machine interface that connects humans and computers – a machine interface" and is now described as a "multi-disciplinary" team.

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Although not all posts, most posts say, "I asked for a skilled, flexible, and adaptable future employee. Nothing is too big or too small."

Musk confirmed his plans for Neuralink in 2017, and when he showed off his infamous appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience's podcast last year, he is ready to release new Neuralink products in a few months, and "Best Scenario" Is effectively merged with AI.

Reference : Elon Muscle was unhappy with the Tesla autopilot team, the report said.

Neuralink works on brain implants that at least initially help cognitive and neurological disorders and later protects them from threats by intelligent machines.

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