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Formula One season opener (Australia)

Image: AP Images

If you truly enjoy the 2018 Formula One season, you'll be lucky. Because 2019 started more. Mercedes is fast, but this time it gets faster. Ferrari is still playing a decent game when he pants on the wall of the pit. Red Bull is pleased to rescue the podium with the Honda engine.

On Friday night, I sat down to watch the preliminaries, and Lewis Hamilton set up a stunning new track record, erasing his teammates in tenths of a second, and all the other players down to a seventh of a second. Mercedes Benz is less than two minutes from Ferrari early in the season. Great, that is another season of F1 I do not have to worry about.

The first game of the season was a mixed bag traditionally made by some teams that made a mistake and the other team preceded the weight class, but not this season. Stronger cars last year showed stronger this year. Williams was the only team this year compared to last season, and they got worse.

It is time to face the fact that F1 provides an absolutely gloomy display. I am ready to fall asleep before the first pit stops at the Australian Grand Prix. Valtteri Bottas had a better start on the line, so he finished the game with his first win of the season and got the fastest lap at the end of the second lap to earn 26 points for the season.

After Lewis stepped in the preliminary round, I saw this joke on Twitter a few times. And although Lewis did not win the Australian Grand Prix, I think I could ironically say that. Lewis is better than Bottas and should not have any trouble hitting him for a long game.

Since 2012 when Fernando Alonso defeated Sebastian Vettel in his triumphant jaw, I failed to invest in the F1 season. There is a guarantee that the 2019 F1 season will not be decided on a three-point scale. The last game is not until December 1st, but it is not surprising that the championship game ends in September.

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