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Investigation related to WR Hill

Kansas City Chiefs Starred receiver Tyreek Hill's house is under investigation for juvenile-related batteries.

In a statement on Kansas City Star, General Chip acknowledged investigations involving Hill.

"The club knows about the investigation involving Tyreek Hill," Chiefs told Star. "We are in the process of collecting information and are in contact with the league and local authorities and will not comment any more at this time," he said.

Hill, 25, was not accused of starring.

According to a police report from KCTV, Overland Park police told Hill on Thursday that the boy was a victim and that Hill's fiance had been called to investigate suspected batteries classified as "other people". Assistant Secretary Hill was not included in this report.

The officer called Hill on March 5 to investigate reports of child abuse or neglect. Hill's name was on the report. According to Overland Park police, the case was closed three days after the charges were filed.

In Oklahoma, Hill was convicted of domestic violence on charges of beating and stabbing his girlfriend. He was instructed to take three years of probation and anger management classes.

He completed his probation in 2018 and his conviction was dismissed.

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