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Jennifer Garner's guidelines for good life include dressing like a mailbox

The actress began her remarks in her alma mater by celebrating her ex-professor and graduate family before she entered the list of advice she lived.

"I never wanted to do a little thing in all honest work, and I never regretted saying yes to more than talking to all of you," Garner said in class. "By writing this speech I made my life a test of choice and I got 5 pounds … I felt an unhealthy level of self- [actor] Steve Carroll. I feel like he graduated 10 years before me. He had to do this first. I mean, he was at the office. "

She would like to thank a couple of theater professors who became mentors to her and said she was especially requested to give "advice as a woman in the world", "it would be a good idea."

Do not overlook the Grand Canyon.

"Do not smoke, do not smoke, now you're going to be an adult, not a pet."

"I do not look 50 better than 20 sunscreens."

"Get dressed up in Halloween costumes and be funny with sexy, why would you wear a crap like a nurse when you can be a mailbox?"

"Mixed signal is not mixed signal and is no."

"Ask for self-discipline around three things, always read with a book on the bedside table, obviously responsible for social media consumption, nurture a sense of humor for yourself, or risk it. "He said.

"If you are a woman, please forgive me for being a binary for a while. The stage is set, the world is holding you.

Finally, Garner advised, "I'm close to college friends."

"You've just been hanging out with them for four years and the history is very precious," she said.

Garner graduated from Denison in 1994 or she called it "Ariana Grande".

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