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Marlen Ochoa-Lopez: The victim's teenager was tempted by a Facebook post about pregnant women, police say.

Clarisa Figueroa, 46, who strangled 19-year-old Marlen Ochoa-Lopez at the House of Figueroa Chicago last month, said she had moved her teenage baby from her body and pretended to be her body.

Figueroa and her daughter Desiree Figueroa, who said the police helped the throat, found a body of puberty on Tuesday in Figueroa's yard.

Clarisa and Desiree Figueroa (24) were charged on Thursday for the murder of 1-year-olds and aggravated the batteries of children under the age of 13. Clarisa Figueroa's boyfriend, Piotr Bobak (40), committed a felony to hide the death of a man and try to hide the murder.

Police say high school student Ochoa-Lopez has been to the house of Figueroa at least twice this year after connecting her with a Facebook group for her mother who has accepted the baby food offer from Figueroa.

Chicago police say the baby was hospitalized in critical condition and received life support on Friday.

The suspect pretended to be pregnant and lured the victim to the house.

On Friday, assistant lawyer James Murphy explained to journalists the charges Clarisa had taken to seduce her pregnant mother.

According to prosecutors, Clarisa Figueroa's 20-year-old son Xander died in 2018. In October she announced that she was pregnant and she was surprised at her family because of her troubles.

In December, Clarisa Figueroa showed an image of the baby he was carrying with an ultrasound picture on Facebook, Murphy said.

In February, Clarisa Figueroa posted a picture of a crib and baby room on a Facebook page to help improve access to baby supplies for families in need. The next month she posted the question "Who will be due in May" and "Where is my mother in May?" On the page.

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Murphy was one of the people she connected with, Ochoa-Lopez, who was seven months pregnant at that time. Clarisa Figueroa proposed Ochoa-Lopez clothing for the baby and suggested to speak in private messages.

Murphy said on April 1 that Clarisa Figueroa told her daughter "to help kill pregnant women and give birth to babies."

By that time Ochoa Lopez was the first to visit Figueroa and Degiray. Desiree's boyfriend also attended.

On April 1, at some point they were all together and Clarisa and Desiree continued "strange behavior and went into a separate room several times together." His boyfriend told Desiree that he was Ochoa-Lopez.

Clarisa Figueroa and Desiree told her boyfriend that they were simply April Fool's Day joke. Murphy said.

How the prosecution told the murder case

Murphy said on April 23 that Ochoa Lopez returned and sat on the couch. Desiree Figueroa distracted teenagers into photo albums, but General Figueroa wrapped the cable behind his pubic hair and said Murphy.

When puberty was able to place fingers between the neck and the cable, Elder Figueroa told her daughter she was not working.

"I stepped on the cable one by one and started to tear off the victim's fingers," Murphy said.

Clarisa Figueroa, 46, Desiree Figueroa, 24, Piotr Bobak, 40.

Clarisa Figueroa then got on the teens and strangled her for about four and a half minutes, the prosecutor said.

When Ochoa-Lopez died, Elder Pedueroa cut a teenage baby out of his womb and called 911 to give birth to a baby who did not breathe. Both were admitted to the hospital, but Murphy said that Clarisa Figueroa had no indication that she had just had a baby.

Ochoa-Lopez's husband reported his disappearance on April 24th.

But the fact that the police arrived at the investigator who found the remains of Ochoa-Lopez in the garbage canister behind Clarisa Figueroa's house would take nearly three weeks before the police unpacked, authorities said.

The victim's family insisted that the police should arrest them much faster, insisting the investigators did not act immediately on the clues provided by family and community members.

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The three defendants appeared on court Friday, and the judge ruled that he would hold on to it without any connection.

Before the hearing, Ochoa Lopez's family publicly demanded that the suspect not recognize Jews.

Julie Contreras said relatives on behalf of her family are living in "nightmares and horror movies".

"Giving bonds does not only help this family, it also helps Chicago, the country, and perhaps even the world," said Contreras of the United Latin American Citizens' Alliance on Friday at the Cook County Courthouse Building.

Police said last week that the gap was broken.

Police say that on May 7, the victim 's friend had a break from her brothers when she talked about her Facebook exchange with Figuero before she disappeared.

Detectives visited House of Figaro that day. Desiree Figueroa says her mother was admitted to the hospital for problems with her legs. Then she was found to have just had a baby.

Investigators searched the area and said that Chicago 's Police Attorney General Brendan Deenihan said on Thursday that Ocoa – Lopez' s vehicle was "not far away".

On the same day, the detectives interviewed an elder, Pierrot, at a hospital. She admitted that Ochoa Lopez came to her home on April 23, but met her in the past, Dinion said.

Suspicious detectives summoned hospital records for several days and collected DNA samples from baby and Figueroa.

"We decided that Clarisa (fugueroa) is not a mother through DNA," Deenihan said.

Deenihan said DNA testing found that Ochoa-Lopez's husband, Yovani Lopez, was a father.

This week a woman 's body was found in a garbage can.

On Tuesday, a crime lab employee armed with a search warrant searched the house of Figueroa.

Investigators found bleach and detergents and found evidence of burns and blood on the floor of living rooms, bathrooms, and corridors, according to Deenihan.

"They are finding rubbish on the carpet in the living room with some blood markings, a little blood mark in the hallway, and a burning burn with a little blood mark on the bathroom floor," Deenihan said.

Ochoa Lopez's body was found in a garbage can in the backyard, and she was throttled with a cable.

The coroner ruled Ochoa Lopez was strangled. On Thursday, Desiree Figueroa told the detectives that her mother helped choke Ochoa-Lopez.

The murder motive is under investigation, but Chicago police chief Eddie Johnson said Clarisa Figueroa wants to raise the child to his own.

The family says the police have a chance to find out what happened earlier.

Ochoa-Lopez's family told the authorities about their interactions with women much earlier than May 7th.

Her husband immediately tried to report the disappearance to the police, but according to Jacobita Cortes, pastor of the Chicago Church, told her family to ask for help and hear it again in 72 hours.

My husband did, and the family hired a private detective. Cortes helped find Ochoa Lopez's car near the house of Pio Eroro.

They also went to a large community and went to church to ask for help. I decorated the surrounding area with flyers.

Residents called the church last week and reported that their young mother had seen her go into a house that had been found dead. According to Cortes, a woman who lived there in her 40s did not seem pregnant and gave birth to a baby.

Ochoa-Lopez's father, Arnulfo Ochoa, said he had a chance to find her daughter sooner.

Marlen Ochoa-Lopez's family speaks to the media on Thursday.

"I went to the (private) detective page and found all the information and gave it to the police, but it took too long to get there," he said at a news conference Thursday.

Police official Johnson said Thursday that "anger will be involved". "When this happens, the first thing people do is look back, what could we do to prevent this? We know that our detectives are doing their best."

CNN's Dakin Andone, Ray Sanchez and Andrea Diaz contributed to this report.

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