Thursday , October 6 2022

New Orleans Saints Death Bryant, Shawn Payton to play Sunday


Dez Bryant said he would leave the game to Sean Payton on Sunday. But the new recipient of the New Orleans Chengdu said after his first practice with the team on Thursday, "We are working on it."

"Bryant, who has not been with the team since the Dallas Cowboys released him in April, said," Whatever he has for me, I am preparing myself. "

Bryant said, "It was good" for the first exercise.

Bryant, who turned 30 on Sunday, said he changed his mind and body throughout the season. But before he received the call from Payton, he admitted that he was "thinking about preparing for next year." Audition in New Orleans.

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Bryant said he was "upset" when he asked for explanations in the last two months. "I want to play football and think about football."

Bryant said he did not miss another specific opportunity this season and rejected any other opportunities. And he said he refused at least one year of contract deals during the offseason.

Asked how he made the situation different, Bryant asked, "Who would not want to play with Drew Breeze?"

"There are people like Drew Brees who are not taken away from others. [And] I have a guy like Michael Thomas. [Benjamin] Watson, Alvin Camara, Mark Ingram, you have a little bay beats GOATs nearby. "Said Bryant, who will be joining the 7-1 winner in the 7-game winning streak, and is second in the NFL.

But the Saints were thin in the audience seat behind Thomas. After deploying Ted Ginn Jr., who was picked up last month by IR, he placed Cameron Meredith in the injured primary.

Thomas is looking forward to playing with the Pro Bowl receiver for a year.

Thomas said he was pulling Bryant's brain on Thursday. Just as Bryant is accustomed to a new attack and surely does the same with Thomas.

A comment on Thomas Tomas' touchdown celebration told reporters, "I am blessed. I think it is God to answer betting when I pick up my cell phone." "He is a person who aspires and aspires for a new start.

"We are trying to help him get back to the Des Blaiant he knows."

Bryant's production has begun to be somewhat gentler in Dallas in recent years, partly due to nagging injuries. He scored 69 passes with 838 yards and six touchdowns in 16 games in 2017.

The cowboy released him in April. I had to pay $ 12.5 million this year. Partly because of his production, and partly because of the "angry" nature of Stephen Jones's vice president. Development of young quarterback Dak Prescott.

Bryant was later removed from Twitter this summer as a "scapegoat" and the team's problem was "garbage can play play." He also called cowboy owner Jerry Jones "clueless" and accused his veterans Travis Frederick and Sean Lee of his release.

Shortly after, Bryant tweeted several times and he did not feel bitter or angry with the cowboys.

On Thursday Bryant asked if he thought he would be assimilated in his new locker room, "Yes, of course."

"I always know who you are, I'm not a bad guy, I've always been a good guy, my colleagues – my former colleagues – what about me," Bryant said. "I like a locker room, it was like a family, and every locker room from junior high school, high school, college to pro, was always like a family, you have a natural connection.

Bryant said he does not seem to prove anything after work in Dallas.

"It was unacceptable at all, I accepted it and went ahead," Bryant said. "I am with the Saints in New Orleans, and I am now a saint, and I am excited about it, and I am looking forward to doing with them."

Bryant asked Thursday night, Thursday, November 29, when the Saints were touched when he played in Dallas, "I do not know, I do not know, but I'm excited, I'm going to see all the cowboy fans. I love my ex-colleagues, they are my family, but I will be in a new chapter, it'll be fun, but I'm dealing now. "

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