Saturday , December 5 2020

New trailer: Shazam !, Broad City, The Umbrella Academy, etc.

As much as I like X Machina, I skip out. annihilation I did not know how the movie came out because of lack of confidence in the studio. There were many interesting ideas in the film, but I did not think they were as good as in Alex Garland's last movie.

In other words, there was one feature of the movie that I really liked. The score was often simple and acoustic guitar. We are large, broad, and incredibly familiar with electronic music in science fiction movies. Bringing such a warm and physical instrument produces a completely different tone and is itself unstable in a lonely way.

Of course, annihilation Had a great booming electronic tone too – and admitted, they were also pretty big. But I would like to see more movies experimenting with the texture of these sounds and catching the audience with something unexpected.

Check out 7 trailers this week.

Beach bum

Follow-up of Harmony Korin Spring breaker It is another horrifying beach story that is bigger than life and permanently filled with stone figures. As far as I can tell, the film is about seeing Matthew McConaughech produce a washed artist called Matter. To be honest, I talk about his peaceful and friendly life, which sounds great. It comes on March 29th.

Metropolitan city

Metropolitan city Coming back to last season, Comedy Central showed its first appearance this week. The first episode actually debuted on Thursday, but you can see a little more in the above trailer.


Warner Brothers. Shazam! This week shows more of the game, and more importantly, the film's humor. It comes on April 5th.


Sony has produced a documentary on the first female front-line crew to participate in the world's first yacht race, the Whitbread Round, and has doubts to overcome to overcome it. The film is headed for the Sundance Film Festival and will be released in the near future.

Umbrella Academy

Netflix has a strange new superhero series. It looks like a malfunction, a comedy. X Man. The first season comes on February 15th.


Amazon is also preparing its own unique superhero series. It is a story about a tough group of people who have decided to withdraw many superheroes who are gaining strength for wealth and fame. The show opens this summer.


For the most part, the reputation for Hulu is foolish, but it's obviously the first time you've taken ownership of a notable title. The show debuts on February 8th.

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