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OBJ does not promise rumors about the Giants.

Odell Beckham Jr. held a Twitter party on Monday night and was disgusted by the perception of cancer in the locker room. He also complained with the New York Giants' general manager Dave Gettleman and coach Pat Shurmur.

Beckham first responded to the headlines of HotNewHipHop, claiming that Gettleman "cultural issues" led to his dealings. Beckham shipped the first and third round picks and Jabrill Peppers to the Cleveland Browns.

In a recent column, Gettman said the Giants have cultural problems. He thought he had changed since then.

"It's no longer anymore," Gettleman said.

Beckham seemed to think he was a special swipe for him as a team mate. He opened the floor on Twitter and began defending himself.

Beckham did not back down. He commented on some differences with Shurmur later in the season, citing some comments Gettleman mentioned earlier in the trade. Gertran mentioned several times that the Giants did not deal with Beckham. He traded him seven months after signing the record contract.

Gettleman's opinion was not noted by the star receiver.

Even if Beckham claims to be in a good space and he was the happiest place. This became evident when he did not travel with the team or did not work side-by-side to see the last four games of the season.

Beckham missed the quad injury that surprised the team.

No one seemed to be completely out of Beckham's Twitter storm. In response to the video there was this obscured reference and Eli Manning, the quarterback, practiced with his colleagues.

The fans wondered why there was no similar video when Beckham was a member of the Giants.

Beckham insists he is still frustrated.

And he was not satisfied with his deliverance. The Giants announced a press release expressing gratitude for his contributions.

Given all that happened, you can not go back to the giant.

Brown is his new team. Cleveland is his new home.

Beckham insists he is happy and satisfied despite his Twitter sessions.

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