Thursday , July 18 2019
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Pepsi defends gamers from space to billboard

Imagine staring at the calm night sky and seeing conflicting space ads that demand justice for gamers in the glittering galaxy's foreground. Last weekend, the website Futurism reported that PepsiCo recently considered launching "Orbital Bulletins" in space to promote "campaign against stereotypes and legitimate prejudices against gamers".

The Russian company StartRocket is behind this bizarre and invasive invasion of space capitalism, arguing that an "orbital display" can be launched into space at an altitude of 250 km. Obviously, it will use a 30-foot satellite sail as a "pixel". Whether StartRocket is funded or whether it is packaged with investor materials is unclear. (StartRocket did not return. KotakuRequests for comments by your media.)

PepsiCo will use StartRocket's technology to start advertising Adrenaline Rush, an energy drink targeted at the Russian gamer market. PepsiCo's recent "YouTube" claims that video games are not for our products but for children. Adrenaline Rush 's press release says, "There is time: Come to change: it' s time to say," Stop the misconceptions and misunderstandings about game culture to get rid of unfair stereotypes. There is no doubt that children are unemployed and stereotypes.

Curiosity is a bit skeptical (read: extremely) about the prospects of space signboards that exist outside animation. Cowboy Bebop, Kotaku I contacted PepsiCo to confirm that this is genuine. The company explained, but the so-called "exploratory testing" was a "one-off event."

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