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Should the British Royal Family Boycott Trump respect Meghan Markle?


Trump 's recent visit to London marked the headlines around the world. Royal fans were on high alert to find out whether a controversial president would step on his toes during a trip. Anyway, he has a history with certain members of the royal family. His opinion on the way he wanted to date Diana was widely publicized. However, it is the relationship (or lack) with other kings that has made the public a high level of bounds.

Megan Mark Look
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Does Meghan Markle like President Trump?

Long before she married in the royal family, Meghan Markle was a successful actress with a charity spirit. She often spoke of the views she had agreed with her favorite politicians.

She was especially vocal in Donald Trump 's 2016 presidential campaign against Hillary Clinton. It was a remarkably unique election, and Markle had several feathers when she appeared. Larry Wilmore's Night Show 2016

Markle believed that she played with Hillary Clinton and that Donald Trump was misogynistic and disruptive. She also claimed she would move to Canada if she won the election. While Trump ultimately won the election, Markle moved to England instead of Canada and married Prince Harry, Britain's most qualified bachelor.

When Donald Trump recently got to know her commentary in 2016, he reacted naturally. Apparently she did not know that her nickname, "Obnoxious Woman," assigned to Hillary Clinton and her supporters, was dirty. "I want her to be okay, I think she'll do well," he said.

Did Meghan Markle meet Trump President during your visit?

Following his comments on Meghan Markle, many royal fans were outraged. I was wondering what the visit would be like considering the history of disagreement between Markle and Trump. Markle, who gave birth to his son, Archie Harrison on May 6, is still exempt from any of the events planned by Trump because he has completed his maternity leave. visit.

Her husband, Prince Harry, had to attend several events during the visit, including a private lunch and a special national banquet. Kate Middleton and Prince William also appeared as a gift when the red carpet appeared towards Trump.

It is not known how long Prince Harry and Donald Trump communicated during the festival, but the public definitely enjoyed guessing at lunch whether Meghan Markle was the subject of the conversation. According to some reports, Prince Harry refuses to take photographs, dismisses Trump, and claims to keep him as far away as possible. But it certainly can not be proven.

Did the royal stand up for Meghan Markle?

Meghan Markle fans were adamant about how inappropriate Mr. Trump's remarks were. If the royal family still made reservations about the interview, they did not openly talk about them. Queen Elizabeth is always polite and polite, even for those who do not have a complete history with the royal family.

As President Trump traveled to England, some online critics accused him of not meeting the trunk. But she will have another chance to make a path with the president. Reportedly there is another visit to the horizon – sometime not until 2020. Please expect all the latest Meghan Markle news!

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