Thursday , January 20 2022

SpaceX astronauts brought a smuggling route-Baby Yoda


The team of four NASA astronauts arrived at the International Space Station with the plush baby Yoda, a tiny smuggler.

Dragon Commander Mike Hopkins, physicist Shannon Walker, Navy Cmdr. Victor Glover, Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi and the little sensation of the Disney Plus show “Mandalorian” Welcome with open arms It came to the ISS late Monday.

The Honorary Astronaut (also known as’The Child’ in the’Star Wars’ spinoff) actually plays a traditional role known as the’Zero G Indicator’, a small object used by crew members to see if the spacecraft has reached a microgravity environment. , The Verge reported.

On the way to the space station, Yoda witnessed the crew dragon shaking freely when it was separated from the Falcon 9 rocket.

According to Business Insider, NASA communications expert Leah Cheshier said in the live stream, “Baby Yoda is on board, who wants to take a seat right now.

SpaceX engineer Jessica Anderson said, “I think it’s Victor Glover’s seat, so I hope he doesn’t care.

“Maybe Baby Yoda will try to steer the vehicle,” Cheshier replied.

SpaceX astronauts brought plush friends before, including when SpaceX CEO Elon Musk tweeted a test launch image containing a doll named Buddy, CNN reported in March 2019.

“A super advanced zero stop indicator was added just before launch!” He added that the toy “floats in zero gravity.”

And in May 2020, astronauts Bob Benken and Doug Hurley also brought Tremor, a dinosaur doll picked up by their son.

Both Buddy and Tremor were on track and then quickly sold out in stores.

Business Insider was unclear which of the many Baby Yoda plush toys on the market were riding in the Crew Dragon.

“I’m curious if I’ll hear more about that option later, but it seems like other crew members are floating with them,” Anderson said.

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