Thursday , March 30 2023

The K-Pop Band BTS dropped on the Japanese TV show via T-Shirt.


Hong Kong has been called the biggest boy band in the world and has for the first time ever entered the K-POP group forever.

But even the world-renowned pop group proved immune to political tension, Japanese TV broadcasters suddenly canceled live performances of the chart-oriented Korean band BTS on Thursday, amid fears of a once-worn T-shirt. Band members

The T-shirt contains a historical image of the fierce mushroom cloud in Nagasaki, Japan, and some praised Americans at the end of World War II for their use of atomic bombs on Japan.

"After talking to the band 's spokesman about the intentions of the member states to wear T – shirts, we unfortunately decided to cancel the show this time," he read the statement posted on the Japanese station Music Station' s website. Network TV Asahi.

The incident, when over 70 years after the defeat of the Japanese Empire in World War II, deeply stirred anger that shook the relationship between the two countries that liberated the Korean peninsula from Japanese colonial rule (divided into the Korean Peninsula and South Korea). August 15th is still celebrated annually on the anniversary of Victory Day for both Koreas.

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