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The man 's sky was expanding online mode.

Hello Games has announced the next big expansion for No Man 's Sky. This summer "Beyond" update is scheduled for free to all players. A simple trailer showing hanger, title, etc. is attached.

According to a blog post that introduces this update, Hello Games has planned three major features and ultimately decided to extend all of this functionality into one extension. Two of them remain in the lab for the time being, but the first component the team has summarized is No Man's Sky Online. The new revised online components make it easier for players to meet and play together, but keep in mind that Studio does not consider switching to MMO. All players are free to use, do not include small transactions, and do not require a subscription, except for the Xbox Live Gold or PS Plus console.

As for Beyond's other works, Hello said, "We will talk more about each component when we can be accurate."

Last year, No Man & # 39; s Sky had a massive update called Next, which underwent massive research and was one of the biggest expansions in 2018. Since then, there has been a steady content update, such as The Abyss, which adds more. Underwater exploration, and vision with new organisms, flora and fauna. Beyond appears to be resized similarly to Next.

This game has come a long way since the initial release. Since some of them have simply failed to do some of the promotions surrounding the game, the blog's notion of not disclosing Beyond's part seems to have learned how Hello manages expectations.

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