Saturday , May 15 2021

Trump's State of the Union destroyed the border wall and immigration in just four sentences.

bloodTrump, a resident on Saturday, dedicated a significant portion of his address to immigration issues. Everything was good, but there were four sentences that put the most important messages home, and there was a debate that Democrats could never refute.

Trump said:

In the past, most people in this room voted on the wall. But the proper wall was never built. I will build it.

This is not a simple and simple concrete wall, but a smart and strategic See-Through steel barrier. It is placed in the area most needed by border guard personnel, and this agent will tell you: where the wall goes up, where the illegal crossing is hindered.

It deals with everything that boundary barriers mean, and Trump never put it briefly. I have been begging you since you traveled to the Rio Grande Valley region on the Texas border. There are more illegal crossings than any other area.

The Democrats may not listen, but at least the whole US knows the purpose of the border.

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