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Why Jeff Bezos invested billions of dollars in space technology


According to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, Amazon's boss Jeff Bezos is the wealthiest person in the world with a net worth of $ 12.5 billion. And he is investing most of his property in space technology development through the aerospace company Blue Origin.

Why? "I think it's important," Bezos told Norah O 'Donnell in an interview broadcast Tuesday on CBS Evening News. "I think this planet is important and I think it's important for the dynamics of future generations, it's something I care about and it's my whole life," he said.

Bezos tells O'Donnell (Donnell), "When you see astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, they say," You do not choose passion and you do not choose passion. "

Furthermore, developing space technology is important for humans to have a future in the future, Bezos says.

"We have to go to space to keep the flourishing civilization," Bezos said. "We see it in an environment like climate change, pollution and heavy industry.We are in the process of destroying this planet.We are robotic probes on every planet in the solar system – This is good, so we must preserve this planet. "

To do that, you must be able to live and work in space.

"We send things to the universe, but because they are all made on earth, it will be much cheaper and simpler to make complex things like microprocessors and everything in space, and then send the complex stuff back to Earth. There are no big factories and no pollution-generating industries, "says Bezos. "The earth can be classified as a residence."

Bezos will be "several generations and hundreds of years" on CBS, and Bezos on CBS, but with Blue Origin, he is working to develop the technology as much as possible.

Bezos allows people to live in space if they choose to do so (self-spatial structure).

"People want to live on the earth and want to live on the earth, it will be a good place to live on the earth, people will make a choice," Bezos says.

John Glenn, the first American astronaut to orbit the Earth, wrote to Bejo that what Bezos is doing will ultimately be as much space travel as air travel.

"I wrote the most beautiful letter a few days before he died, I put a picture frame in my office and it makes sense to me." Glenn saw in his letter the future of boarding a spacecraft like a jetliner. If it does, it will be largely due to your narrative accomplishments. "

"I think it's completely reliable," says Bezos. "If you go back a hundred years and tell people today that you can buy a plane ticket and fly to a jet plane all over the world, they would think you were crazy, but that's a change, just under 100 years."

The first step of the trip is space tourism. Blue Origin is already testing New Shepherd, a vehicle that takes humans to a short tourist destination.

"People who went to space say they turned around a little bit, and they realize how beautiful this planet is, how small and fragile it is," says Bezos. "It is something we can not see when we are here, but it becomes clear from there."

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