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X-Men: See the Final Trailer of Dark Phoenix

20th Century Fox (Fox) is coming soon X Man franchise, Dark PhoenixShowed off the battle of Jean Gray, which captures the enormous power gained after the accident in space.

The film adopts the classic Dark Phoenix storyline, which was first published in the 1980s, where Jean Gray was encased in a solar flare and transformed into a pure object of fantasy called Phoenix. We have seen some examples of this movie's trailer. The Game Of ThronesHow Sphie Turner and X-Men are struggling to bring her power.

This new trailer shows what we've seen so far and how Jane is struggling with new abilities. The team is dispatched to the rescue team from space after the space shuttle accident ( Dark Phoenix / weight The mashup video seems inevitable.) And after the solar flare, Jean is left and transformed. I doubt she will go home and begin to realize that she has changed. "When I lose control, bad things happen," she says, "it feels good." It seems to have led to a confrontation between X-Men who wants to save her and Magneto who wants to clear her. Threat.

The film is expected to be finalized at the long-running X-Men franchise after Disney acquired 20th Century Fox earlier this year. This merger will bring together two well-separated asset sets as Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe leaves. We do not yet know how the future looks, but X-Men is expected to appear in the movie space at an amazing time. Hopefully, Dark Phoenix Good send of this series.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix I will hit the theater on June 7th.

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