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An Argentine businessman has a "parallel diplomacy" with Venezuela for 1,400 million


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La Nación / 3. nov. 2018.- One businessman from Argentina, Juan José Levy, who owns Laboratorios Esme, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Laboratorios Esme, has sold $ 1,400 million for the sale of underwear in supermarkets and is linked to "parallel diplomacy" by chirism and chavism.

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The Levy collected a total of $ 550 million from Venezuela among the various companies that sold several products from the Chavez government, from detergents to televisions through the aforementioned trust. At that time, the businessman had forged José Maria Olazagasti, Julio De Vido's right hand in the Ministry of Planning and who was behind the so-called "parallel diplomacy" with Hugo Chávez and Nicolas Maduro.

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