Wednesday , June 7 2023

At home they started looking for a pot-boat.


United Nations .- Central government authorities, along with Moby Míntosomos Venezuela and Mísón Bario Adentro, ensure social security for the barrionas and their pregnant women through Carnet de la Patria We have begun to develop a humanized delivery plan.

During the day yesterday, Minister for Women, Caryl Bertho, participates in the house for the house carried out in the city planning Carcanapiral, Municipality Díaz de Nueva Esparta.

In the Diocese of Boquerón in Monagas, a mandatory day was held with the participation of the Minister of Housing, Ildemaro Villaroel and Governor Yelitze Santaella. At Aragua, vice president of the social zone, Aristóbulo Istúriz paid attention to outpatients on January 23 in Las Tacariguas, Maracay.

"Humanized birth planning is one of the most beautiful plans we have made to support women in this wonderful phase of pregnancy and childbirth.", President Nicolás Maduro stressed on his Twitter.

The head of state said pregnant women who are not included in social programs will be recruited during the placement process.

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