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Avengers 4 Endgame: Why did Marvel change Mark Ruffalo's Edward Norton to Hulk? | Mark Ruffalo | Edward Norton | Amazing Studios | comic book

That April 25 I will officially debut Avengers: End games In the theater of Peru. This film is a decade long Marvel Cinematic Universe , So it can mean the separation of several heroes. Hulk. This one Avengers There will be significant changes in the last chapter. So we tell the story on the big screen.

originally, Edward Norton It was chosen as. Bruce Banner In the first film of this franchise from Marvel Cinematic Universe Ironman. However, it finally received the harsh negative criticism and culminated in the replacement of the protagonist. Mark Ruffalo.

What happened between Marvel Studios And Edward Norton? The actor has been nominated three times in the Academy and has been found to be in line with his interpretation. "The Amazing Hulk". However, when the first filming of the Avengers in 2010 began, marvel Statement on this change announcement:

"We decided that Ed Norton would not describe the title of Bruce Banner in the Avengers, and our decision is based on the need for an actor to shine through creative and collaborative spirit, not on monetary factors. together. " He is a company Edward Norton He was not a team player.

"The Avengers call for players who are part of a set consisting of Robert, Chris H, Chris E, Sam, Scarlett and all our talented casts.We are announcing the names of the actors who meet these requirements. Symbolic role to come in ".

This was not taken as positive. Edward Norton And because his legal team basically said he was with a hard-to-work actor. Then the objection to the official publication began, saying that the actual reason money is as follows.

"Kevin Feige's aggressive statement of surprise is intentionally misleading: it is an inadequate attempt to draw our customers from a negative point of view." The facts are: 2 months ago Kevin called me and Edward called me Bruce Banner I wanted to repeat the role of In the Avengers, he said it was fantastic to put Edward on the stage with the rest of ComiCon and turn it into a convention event.

When Edward said it was open to the idea, Kevin was very excited and we agreed that Edward should meet Joss Whedon to discuss the project. Edward and Joss were very excited to see Edward take part in the cast. Marvel later made a financial offer to appear in the film and the two parties began to negotiate in good faith.

Last Wednesday, after weeks of uninhibited debate with citizens, but before reaching consensus, Marvel's representatives said they had decided to go with the party in a different direction. This seemed like a financial decision. But anyway it is a privilege of the governor and we accept your decision without thirst. We have expressed the public's disappointment in the results of many fans, but this is not an excuse for Feige's reprehensible and strong opinion. Unlike Kevin 's implications here, Edward was waiting for an opportunity to work with actors of Joseph and the Avengers. Feige's statement is not an expert and is false and defamatory. Novell's talent, tireless work ethic, and professional integrity are worthy of respect, like Marvel fans. " He actively finished his legal defense.

Afterwards, marvel A supplement of them Edward It will be. Mark Ruffalo, Who soon became a favorite Hulk today. After 2014, Edward Norton He broke the silence of the situation for the first time and put off the announcement of his legal representative in 2010 and told a different story.

Norton He said he was the one who left the role of the film, and these were his words in the program. & # 39; Fresh air & # 39; ~ Of NPR:

"I really felt that I had experienced what I wanted, but I really enjoyed it, but I did not just make this type of movie by observing the balance of life, but also publishing it with all the duties as well. I wanted a lot of variety and somehow I chose to go the other way. " The actress confessed to criticism of Marvel.

Perhaps at the unconscious level I did not want to connect myself with one thing that could diminish my efficiency as a character's actor. I think you can do it once, but if you do it too much, it can be a costly remedy for the public eye. I would not have made Moonrise Kingdom, Grand Budapest, Birdman if I had continued it. Because they all overlap with the avenues of the avengers. And they were a priority for me, but I'm still a big fan and I'm really happy to do that once. "

This statement closed the subject forever. Edward Norton He was like a gentleman acknowledging the truth that he wanted to grow up as an actor in another role. after that, Mark Ruffalo Continued with the mantle. Hulk It can no longer be detached.

"Avengers: End game" Will be released on April 24, 2019, and the final battle of the Avengers Tanos, Desperate attempts to return to see his combat companion disappeared after the famous & # 39; Snap & # 39;.

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