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BBVA expects a sustainable dividend for its shareholders.

Carlos Torres, chairman of BBVA, today stressed at a shareholders 'meeting in Bilbao' s Calduna palace bank that promised "clear, predictable and sustainable" dividend policy.

This promise changes from 35% to 40% of pay and cash and dividend payments every two years (October and April). In his speech, Torres did not comment on the judicial investigation ordered by the bank's chief executive, Jos Manuel Villarejo, and did not hurt his resignation temporarily and his reputation. Yesterday Francisco Gonzlez, Honorary President of the Corporation.

The board today approved a payout of 16 cents a share on April 10, and will raise the dividend by 7 per cent over the dividend paid a year ago. The total payment will be 26 cents, and 37% of the salary will be paid, except for the operation of the company.

Torres and Chief Executive Officer Onur Gen have been very applauded in the cool scenario through the blue fund, which is an institutional investor, and many shareholders have raised their arms. This applause was repeated when the President announced that the annual awards ceremony for the Frontiers of Knowledge award at the BBVA Foundation in Bilbao will be held in Bilbao.

Torres announced to his shareholders that he would continue the project he had done in his predecessor in recent years. "We want to rely on our confidence to instill continuity and additional strength in our strategy," he said.

In 2019, a banker has set a goal for half of its customers to interact with banks via mobile. 37% of customer sales are made via remote channels. It was 10% three years ago.

Torres explained that last year 's results were excellent (the bank earned $ 53.24 billion), despite zero interest rates that put much pressure on profitability, poor credit growth, and market volatility in which the bank exists. Turkey and Argentina

The president has addressed environmental challenges and climate change, comprehensive economic growth, equal opportunities in an increasingly robust world, and challenges to eliminate sexism.

Optimistic outlook with Turkey and Argentina

CEO Onur Gen mentioned several times about his 2019 business goals. It is one of the few guides banks offer to the market. Unlike Spanish competitors, BBVA does not deliver strategic plans to investors.

The CEO was somewhat optimistic with Turkey. Garanti, a subsidiary of Garanti, said: "It will help overcome competitors in a complex macro environment." "Argentina continues to be affected by hyperinflation, but far less than in 2018."

The bank expects Mexico's "solid growth", which accounts for almost 50% of its profits this year, and the efficiency and profitability of Spain.

Ken applauded by hugging Venezuelan employees.

BBVA's CEO, speaking in Spanish and English to shareholders, was abstained, stressing that BBVA is the most profitable bank among the 15 European banks. ROE is 11.6% and exceeds capital cost.

Gen convinced the bank "began to collect" the performance of the digital approach that began more than a decade ago. He presented to shareholders some examples of how this bet enhances the bank's value proposition. "Digitization not only increases sales, but it also enables us to acquire new customers." In this sense, 92% of the cards sold through digital channels are targeted to new customers, and the launch of Click & Pay applications has shown that SME loans grew 13% last year.

Finally, he explained that digital customers' abandonment rates are lower than 47% of bank-related users only through branches.

As announced, the bank set its goal in 2019 for half of its customers to interact with banks via mobile. Today 43% do so. 37% of customer sales are made via remote channels. It was 10% three years ago.

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