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Bitcoin cash ABC exceeds 7 SV in Poloniex futures trading. | CryptoNews


A clear trend of buying preferences since Poloniex opened the sale of BCH ABC and BCH SV before the hard branch of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) BCH ABC on BCH SV is close to 7: 1 is.

Bitcoin cash ABC is registered in BTC 0.07497 of Poloniex, the price of Bitcoin cash SV is 0.0111 BTC and BCHABC is calculated as 6.8: 1. According to Poloniex, these estimates correspond to USD 470 and USD 65, respectively, and Bitcoin Cash, which dropped 15.2% since November 7, is USD 532. In the first week of November, before the announcement of Poloniex, BCH grew by 50%., According to Coinmarketcap.

Beginning in early November, a major boom in BCH prices was canceled on the 7th, announcing that Poloniex will sell BCHABC and BCHSV tokens. Image: Coinmarketcap

This advantage of BHC ABC has been going on for the last two days, showing almost 10 times the BCH SV value at the first time of the previous sale launched by Poloniex, and now ABC is SV.

In the last few hours, the BCHSV estimate has a slight difference of about $ 70.

Coinmarketcap presents futures prices in USD based on Poloniex data. This exchange displays these estimates in BTC and USDC fixed tokens. TradingView, on the other hand, is able to reflect specific quotes.

BCH ABC prices for the last 24 hours are as follows.

BCHABC recovered in the last hour exceeds $ 470. In this chart, the quotation is shown as a USDC fixed token. Source: Coinmarkets.

Unpublished gift

The announced hard branch of Bitcoin Cash, which occurred at Bitcoin's most famous junction, has a special feature. On November 15, two new chains supporting BCH ABC and BCH SV will emerge, but as the migration progresses gradually, Three chains and three different markets coexist once. .

When Poloniex announced "pre-fork trading" (pre-fork marketing), it showed novelty in the trade of cryptographic functions, Provides pre-sale of two assets that do not exist.. BCH ABC and BCH SV will be generated if unexpected happens on November 15 at 16:40 UTC.

A few hours before 14:00 UTC, Poloniex will freeze deposits and withdrawals from the BCH and freeze the BCH, BCH ABC and BCH SV markets at 15:00 UTC. Then all orders will be canceled and the exchange office will take a "photo" with the status of the portfolio. "Users with the BCH at that time will receive the same amount at BCHABC and BCHSV, then release the BCH market (all balance will be canceled)."

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