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"Cafecito" opens the wings.

The outfielder has a .483 in seven starts, and manager Mike Shildt applauds his temper in a crisis.

Kemberine Correa | Caracas.- Jose "Cafe Tate" Martinez I opened my wings again in the nest. cardinal And; Now one of the leaders of the herd is at the crucial moment of this species.

The gardener knew the loss of his companion. Harrison Bader (hamstring) and Tyler O'Neill (right elbow) He was there to play the customary and somewhat missing role in San Luis.

Martinez has been hit hard by home runs, doubles, and six RBIs in his last seven home runs (29-17, .483), and has enjoyed a lot of fun, but he has a "joyful problem" in his plans. Mike Snilt will have to get used to his presence even when injured athletes have time to get active, and even if the injured players are scheduled this week, they will have to find space in his lineup.

"I think he was a good team mate and he was very good at doing everything well," Shield said in an interview with after winning the Mets 6-4 at Busch Stadium last Sunday. "He had a chance to get out and get a certain batting average, he is a great and professional hitter, he does what he does, he gets a good batting position, good teammate, good player."

According to, in 2018, the Bulls already had three hits on Friday and Saturday, and three times on April 11 with the Dodgers and four personal records. A cardinal with three or more home runs for three consecutive years. But because his goal is to contribute as it is, this is an accidental match to Creole.

"We will be ready in any situation," Martinez said. "You never know, when? [el gerente Mike] Shildt says you are ready when he needs you, it tries to anticipate each situation by focusing more on me every day. "

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