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caution! Earth is approaching a threatening meteor shower.

During the month of June, Earth Approaching Threatening meteor shower, telephone Swarm TauridThis phenomenon was 44 years old, not so close to our planet.

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In 1975 Earth . Meteor shower known Swarm TauridOn this occasion, astronomers will try to find out more by emphasizing

The Western Physics Group said it will be about 30,000 kilometers from the center of the earth by the end of June. Swarm Taurid.

According to scientists, Swarm Taurid It is considered to be one of the most intimidating places in the solar system and claims that the streets on Earth will attract the meteor shower for a long time.

Astronomers in the Western Physics Group claim that each year our planet approaches the planet twice Swarm Taurid , It is a remnant area of ​​Taurid meteorite. This 2019 planning date Beta Taurides ~ Of From June 5 to July 18, For North and South Taurides last day October, I reported

Scientists Swarm Taurid Because they think they are the cause of the mystery Tunguska case, This is a very high-powered aerial explosion SiberiaTunguska near the Pedregoso River, 30 June 1908 morning about 7 o'clock.

Tunguska case

Those who have witnessed this incident are most sorry to say that those who reported that they saw bright objects as if the sun itself were falling from the sky had formed a huge fungus from a nuclear explosion after the object collapsed. At that time, the illusionary government did not want to investigate facts because they did not think it was interesting.

After spending Tunguska case They found that about 2,000 square kilometers of forests in Siberia were destroyed.

Other researchers also Swarm Taurid The cause is Frozen occurred about 11,000 BC. Also A meteor dropped into Tagish LakeIn the region Yukon In Canada, This phenomenon occurred in January 2000. For more information, see

A meteor dropped into Tagish Lake

The ball of fire on that occasion Lake Taghishi At that time I was freezing. The impact evaporated where it landed and left a rock with a diameter of about 5 meters that collided with the size of the car.

According to Forbes, we must pay attention to the approach. Swarm Taurid It is because it always causes fatal events on earth in a thousand years.

Scientists believe this is the time to analyze the herd in such a way that the earth can see what can happen on Earth in November 2032 as it passes through the center of the Taurid herd.

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