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Chepa Candela: La Mariem Velazco gives a solid sound to the premise of Tokyo. | In gossip


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Photo: Courtesy


Good morning! …

This Tuesday Yyy, do not get married or get promoted! … Yes that's right! … Do not separate "viewers" from this column. Movida farandulera of this country … and surrounding areas, gossip, rolls, brollos, tramoyas and bretes are daily bread … … and beat them tasty (and I do not like anyone, hurt anyone!) I am here have. (Unable to repeat … tunable!) MARIEM VELAZCO is making noise on Japanese farms. In the city of Tokyo, the press gave her a look. It was one of the most interesting Latin Americans to cover Miss International 2018, and the last night will be held on Friday, November 9th in Sala. The municipality of Tokyo Dome. Where to work with the remaining 94 candidates. In his "testa", Crown of Kevin Liliana in Indonesia …

Yes, everyone! … I made it crazy. As mentioned earlier, in previous activities in the "temple" … As Andrea Caricato said, Mariem Velazco is well organized so everything looks like that. If he can not win, at least he will stay in the picture! … In the fifth house they are tied to the toes! To bring a crown like Nina Sicilia (1985), Azúa (2003), Daniela Di Giacomo (2006), Elizabeth Mosquera (2010) and Edymar Martínez (2015) After BERRAZKA, there are not many people's lives. Since I was kneeling after BERRAQUERA and was granted the right to participate in the Miss World in 2018, it will be held on December 8th in Sanya, China, and I will not lose my footsteps, It does not become a step. Will compete in an important "temple" of beauty …

So what! … repeat, the nearest source to the above (and trúuuaaa, trúuuaaa !, parrot just repeats, because she is not who's showcase) she does not matter, it does not matter. Or lost … It seems that he is "atajaperro" with Miss Venezuela organizing the mood cut … and at the top, not to mention it in the fifth house! Especially, Nina Sicilia says she does not want to see or to picture her.

YYY is going on, Butterfly, I have already begun to tell JORDAN MENDOZA to ask you to add to your celibacy. As you know, he married his girlfriend, Sol Núñez. Sol Núñez was the only person to put a goat on a ranch to a Portada & # 39; s animator who was not as free as a wild bird. No one gave him … Whatever he said, he will not be the date he spoke but within a few weeks, due to the proximity of his bodorrio, walk like a bug, "very japi" … he and his future Not only is it quite busy with the "run" of the preparation, because both of the legitimate "ribs" of the round want to be round and round … I imagine the morning program maker of Venevisión is already looking for. Jordan Mendoza replaces his "Johnny Moon" because he will not peel it. And after he throws himself in the water, he will disappear from the "Pico Screen" for a few weeks … Chao !!


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