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Christopher Figuera's dead right hand in San Antonio hotels


The death of Jesús Alberto García Hernández, 39, caused interest in the army and intelligence agency Sebin.

Sources told García Hernández worked directly with Manuel Ricardo Cristopher Figuera, who served as director of Sebin until April 30th.

Information sources said today that the deceased served as Sebin's contra military intelligence director and was under investigation after Cristopher Figuera's position was changed. "I did not go to jail, but I had to schedule it every day," he said.

The deceased also served as the Attorney General, and after General Lance Balgain left the Department of Homeland Security, he was appointed to charge the central area of ​​SEBIN.

Sources also said the market handled the case of corruption scandals. He leaves a widow and two children after his death.

I think "there will be no fair investigation" because of the cause of his death in a group close to García Hernández.

However, in the minutes of the CICPC, the motivation for death must be determined.

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