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Copa America | Luis Suárez "Messi is hurt by criticism"

Uruguay national striker Luis Suarez has signed an interview with Fox Sports Uruguay before the start of Copa América co-hosted by Ecuador, Japan, Chile and the Charrúas team. Respectively. He will make his debut against Ecuador next Sunday. In this speech, he reviewed the strengths and worst moments of a soccer player, Copa America 's Uruguay, the friendship with Leo Messi, an episode bite by Chiellini and how he lived the death of Walter Ferreira, the body trainer of La Celeste.

Episode with Chiellini at the 2014 World Cup

Suarez pointed out that the Italian defender was one of the worst episodes of his career, but he did not know it. "At first I asked what happened to my wife and said, 'No, I hit him' without accepting the reality, it was a big mistake, a lot worse. So I have dealt with psychologists and have helped to accept mistakes and help me grow. I had a lot of suffering, and it was very bad for my wife, children, and companions."Revelation.

Barca's striker says his contract is not fair, despite how bad his actions are. "I was impersonal in how I was treated, I joined Barcelona and I could not even make a presentation. When I came back and tried to train, my daughter dressed in different clothes and looked at me and I asked myself why I was dressed like this. And I said they would not let my dad go because they were wrong. I felt Gyeongju was leaving me. "He said.

Nevertheless, Luco is very grateful to FC Barcelona for giving him a chance. When the Barca team made a contract with him, he shouted, "I cried all day long."

I am Walter Ferreira,

Luis Suarez moves to remember former Uruguayan national athletic scientist. Walter Pereira, who died in 2016This was the key to the 2014 World Cup recovery. "Confidence generated is very powerful. I had an operation on Thursday and went to Walters on Friday. And I told him to pull out the crutches. " Speaks

In that World Cup, Pereira was already suffering from a disease that ended his life. "He had the disease because it was like the world because I asked him"Gunma said with tears.

"Not only did he help me, but he also helped a lot of players. What he did to me was what he meant at the time. After the game (against England) I spent 30 minutes crying in the locker room with him. For me, for him … it's very difficult "Remember to be excited.

Elimination of friendship with Messi and Champions

Uruguay says the elimination of Liverpool is the hardest part of his career. "After eliminating the champion, I wanted to disappear from the world"I admit it. There has also been a lot of commentary among the fans because he has been dealing with topics about his knee surgery after defeat. "I managed because I could not do it anymore, so I did not get to Copa América.. After the World Cup, he wore cartilage. If I had not looked after my knees I would not have reached the cup. "Highlight Suarez.

Lucho also talks about partners and friends. Leo Messe Argentina has been influenced by comments about it. "We speak a lot of things and it certainly hurts as a human being," he said. Soccer players should be accustomed to criticizing the courts, but should not be used to external criticism."He says.

Uruguayan His claim constituted a team in Barcelona.. "Many people go out to criticize him and he is never an engineer and never tells a player & # 39; ay & # 39; At the choices I think they think they are the same, they ask, and he makes a decision without asking me anything., I concluded.

Copa America's Uruguay option

"Because Uruguay is the country with the most Copa America, we have a player to win the cup, we are a candidate and all teams respect us"Suarez speaks about the role that Uruguay can play in Brazil.

Argentina "The main candidate to stay with Copa América is the best in the world."Varca's striker said in connection with his Rosario teammate.

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