Wednesday , March 29 2023

Deputy Director of the University Clinical Hospital refused donations from doctors without borders.



Over the past few years, the University Clinical Hospital has suffered a significant decline in services due to shortages, sanitation and investment, and the underground world. . Nicolás Maduro's government denies the continuing humanitarian crisis in Venezuela,

Venezuela Daily Review

This week, documents signed and stamped by the director of the Clinical Hospital of Pablo Castillo University were distributed via social networks. Without revealing the reason for refusal, the humanitarian organization, Doctors Without Borders, refused to donate medicines and medicines sent without explaining why Spain refused.

This caused annoyance between social network users on the guild and Twitter. Twitter did not hesitate to public opinion. In addition, doctors and nurses at this institution reported this situation and complained.

Power formula: Chavismo's food control strategy

President Freddy Ceballos has repeatedly criticized Venezuela for lacking 85% of its medicines, but Douglas León, chairman of the Venezuelan Medical Association (FMV) "Over 26,000 doctors have left the country," he said.

There is no explanation for the guild because aid was denied. The truth is that the current doctors and patients are all suffering from serious medicines and supply shortages, poor health conditions in the health centers, poor working conditions and low salaries that have caused many different kinds of demonstrations by doctors on more than one occasion.

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