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Due to the crisis, Venezuela already exports diphtheria, measles and malaria.


Venezuela has escaped their country. Photo: AP

Venezuela's pursuit of better living conditions due to economic and social crises in its home country leads to public health problems leading to recipient countries such as Colombia, Brazil and Ecuador, Peru and Argentina. They register malaria, measles and diphtheria cases due to migratory birds.

Julio Castro, an expert on infectious diseases and infections, tells Televen, an open-air television network, that the illness is controlled in the country mentioned above, but the alarm is turned on in the healthcare system because it costs extra to the budget I said.

"Measles, for example, have already begun counting cases in the indigenous population of Roraima, Brazil, which indicates that 30-35% of the population has symptoms of" this virus. "

Castro said that Venezuela has 35 percent of measles cases at the continental level and that 4,000 people have been infected during the past 18 months.

This trend is repeated in diphtheria, a disease that is not controlled by the government of Nicolás Maduro and has no formal character.

In this connection, he warned that the authorities prevented the publication of national epidemiology for four years, preventing them from making a demographic diagnosis of the disease. As of today, the information provided is provided directly from the doctor who maintains his or her own description of the case they are providing.

The mechanics bulletin, officially announced by the Venezuelan Ministry of Health, is for the last week of 2016, and this post, which was issued in February 2017, was soon dismissed by the health authority Antonieta Caporale.

This document has been found to be silent for more than 15 months on infectious diseases and already has data from these scandals. Infant deaths increased by 30% compared to 2015. This is because 11,466 children died. 1 year

Another dramatic fact of the report is that the mortality rate for pregnant women has increased by 66%. This is because 756 pregnant women died during the same period.

That was the kind of last news report that meant that there were about 23 months of silence in the worsening of the humanitarian crisis caused by the shortage of food and medicine. inflation.

Each weekly epidemiological publication contains information on 72 diseases that can be reported nationwide.

In June, Betilde Muñoz, Social Security Director of the American Social Service Organization (OAS), said the migration crisis in Venezuela is a threat to the entire continental United States demanding coordinated response from the countries of the region.

"This migration is a regional risk issue and poses a threat to the security, peace, tranquility and health of the entire hemisphere. If we do not have control and do not provide medicines and vaccines, we can have an epidemic," an OAS spokesman said.

According to the calculations of the United Nations, about 2.3 million Venezuelans left their country due to political, social and economic crises, and nearly a million of them settled in Colombia.

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