At the premiere of Avengers: End games More theories are emerging that can explain the way the Avengers finally overcame it. Tanos Try to revert the event that occurred last. Avengers: War of Infinity.

The New Theory in Reddit Try to explain it by means of strength and power. Captain America Who will wear it? Infinite confrontation Once and then defeat all the crazy titans and regain the normal state of the galaxy.

Part of what the theory holds is that for at least a while Captain America He was able to stop Thanos during the battle at Wakanda. Some of his achievements assume that he was able to use infinite combat Tanos for a bit.

In short, the captain thought he was worthy enough to use his strength as well as his strength.

The theory is that we HulkOne of the strongest beings in the galaxy was no match for Tanos Captain America It is much less powerful than the Hulk. Big heart Steve RogersIt may sound cliched, but it can be the main reason why he was able to use the challenge spirit.