Monday , January 30 2023

Fe y Alegría staff required fair and timely payment from the Department of Education.


Workers of other demonstration schools Fe y Alegría Claims low salary and delayed payment compared to Tuesday, November 13 Ministry of Education. they debt Includes last week of October, first half of November and food voucher class.

"We touted Twitter to blame for lack of payment. We issued a statement to the Cabinet, but we did not get an answer." Rafael Pena, San José Obrero de Antímano school director.

Teachers, administrators and officials attended at 8:30 am Las Mercedes Church, Carmelitas. Then they marched to the Ministry with banners, vuvuzelas and whistles. They sang songs Secretary of Aristóbulo IstúrizWhen they arrived at the office they also demanded better working conditions.

"Let the minister come down," the protesters shouted.

They complain that they also have difficulty moving to school Water shortage At the educational facility.

Contract, Food and Transportation

Approximately 13,000 416 worker Violations of the collective agreement and the agreement of the Ministry of Education and the Venezuelan Catholic Education Association (Avec).

Libeth Ortaz, a teacher at La Rinconada School, said, "The minimum wage has increased from 12 to 1.

Our work is difficult. Sometimes we fight too much. student We do not realize it, and we neglect our children, "he said, explaining that the payment is met, but money does not reach the teacher to defend the house.

Other schools also need to handle the high food costs through various means and situations facing transportation.

According to Carmela Sabetta, director Eugenio Andrés Mendoza,meal age"Once or twice a month, he adds that there are teachers who need to walk an hour each day at school.

At San José de Obrero in Antímano they help by providing them to parish teachers. effective For the payment of transportation, however, "does not reach for all", said Rafael Peña.

"There is a teacher who has to pay 30 sovereignty bolivars every day to go to teach, some even arrive without eating," he said, adding that we do not want to teach, but that it is humanly and materially impossible.

Fe y Alegría employees were confident that if they did not receive an effective response, they would take a new protest action Tuesday, November 20, including a banner to see where they live outside the school.

Information of Alejandro Benzacry and María Victoria Fermín

Photo: María Victoria Fermín


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