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Gaby Spanic suffers a terrible injury at a famous dance competition


Has been released Gaby Spanic Suffered Terrible injury One of the latest reality shows’Dance with the stars‘Where the actress participates, this Hungary.

Turned out Gaby Spanic, While doing live choreography Slightly bent ankle Despite the pain at the time of the turn, the actress showed her professionalism by following her participation in front of the camera as if nothing had happened.

At the end of the presentation, the Mexican Telenovela actress was immediately treated by paramedics. injury It wasn’t gravity, so I kept going ‘Dance with the stars‘.

Gaby Spanic tries to conquer Hungary by dancing.

You need to know it Gaby Spanic, 46, was hired by Hungarian TV2 as an international character for the show.Dance with the stars‘, a successful reality show belonging to the BBC Network.

This made the protagonist of’La Usurpadora’ the first Latin American celebrity to participate in this reality show, which debuted in Eastern Europe a few months ago, and each week she showed off her historical and artistic talent with great dignity.

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Gaby Spanic en Dancing with the Stars // Instagram

Gaby Spanic shows off her dancing talent at a famous competition in Hungary.

No doubt Gaby Spanic ‘Has conquered the field ofDance with the starsThat’s why, with his dance partner, who has advanced to Week 7, fans will not lose hope that they will succeed until the end of this famous reality show.

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