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Google hinders employee sexual harassment.


The company has announced an action plan to prevent sexual harassment and address employee concerns.

12, 2018

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After the New York Times announced to Google Vice President Andy Rubin in 2014 that Google delivered a $ 90 million shipping package, Thousands of employees worldwide accused of sexual harassment have protested this behavior and the ineffective management of the management team.

Given the continuing tension, the company has decided to stop sexual harassment by changing its policy on sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation. Executive officer Sundar Pichai has announced an action plan in which arbitration is a personal blame for harassment and sexual assault. This decision is made public to make transparency and security when making public decisions.

Another way is to get your collaborators trained about sexual harassment every year every two years as before. So far, Google has reported that it is the only known way to solve this problem, but it provides more details on research and conclusions to improve management and interest in nonconforming products.

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