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Great! Drink coffee to see what diseases you can prevent.


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(Caracas, November 10 – Europa Press) – Drinking coffee at breakfast not only increases your energy and interest, but also protects you. Against the onset of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseaseAccording to a new study conducted by the Brem Institute of Krembil in British Columbia, Canada,

"Drinking coffee seems to have a low correlation with the risk of developing Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, but we do know why it happens, what compounds are involved and how age-related cognitive decline I wanted to investigate if it could affect. "

Dr. Weaver was assisted by Dr. Ross Mancini of the Institute of Medical Chemistry and Dr. Yanfei Wang, a biologist. Investigate three types of coffee: roasted lightly, roasted coffee, and roasted coffee.

"Caffeine-free caffeine and caffeine-free caffeine have had the same potential in our early experimental trials, so from the start we could see that it was not due to caffeine, but as a protective effect."

Dr. Mancini then identified a group of compounds known as phenylindanes that resulted from the roasting process of coffee beans. Penny Lindanos is unique because it is a compound that has been studied in studies that prevent two protein fragments common in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, grouping amyloid beta and tau. Penendins are therefore dual inhibitors. Very interesting and did not expect. "Weaver acknowledges.

Since roasted coffee produces more phenindindane, dark roasting seems to be more protective than light roasting. "This is the first time we have investigated how phenylalanine interacts with proteins in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease," Dr. Mancini said. The next step is to investigate how well these compounds are beneficial, reaching the bloodstream, or crossing the cerebrovascular barrier. "

The fact that it is a natural compound versus a synthetic material is also a big advantage. Dr. Weaver admits. But, He acknowledges that much more research is needed before translating into possible treatment options. "What this study does is show that there is actually an ingredient in the coffee that is beneficial in taking epidemiological evidence and preventing cognitive decline." Interestingly, do you suggest coffee is a cure, "he warned.

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