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Healthy and surely Cuban stamp – Juventud Rebelde

Sanchi Spirits .- Fructose oligosaccharide Enzymes (FOS) derived from plant-derived enzymes recombinantly expressed in yeast are patented intellectual property and utility patent applications in this province as a scientific result of the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) centers in Cuba and the United States, Australia, And other countries.

This 1-kestose-dominated product has higher prebiotic effects, sweetness, and therapeutic and commercial interest as well as low-molecular-weight components and is a syrup produced in a previous biotechnology process in sugar.

Enrique Rosendo Pérez Cruz, the leader of a comprehensive team of scientists from Sancti Spiritus and Havana, produces secondary health benefits such as hypertension, diabetes and hypertension control. diarrhea

It also has been shown to reduce toxic substances and affect corruption in the colon. Prevent colon cancer. Reduces blood cholesterol levels. It absorbs minerals and regulates the function of the immune system …

All of this is because FOS maintains the main chemical and sensory qualities of sugar but is used as a selective carbon source when reaching the colon, reducing the number of pathogenic bacteria.

This scientific novelty has a substantial economic impact on a base in 2002, since 1 ton of refined FOS syrup costs about $ 8,000 in the international market. With sufficient evidence today, it has been found in Cuba that it is possible to produce enzymes of vegetable origin that transform sucrose into the above products.

Last year, 6.28 tonnes were produced last year thanks to the overlap of CigB, the Cuban Sugar Cane Institute (Icidca) and Iguidio Agramonte of Azcuba of Camaguey.

As hygiene registration is introduced only in Japan, Belgium, the United States, France and South Korea, the introduction of this syrup is recommended in Cuban companies that produce food and are promoted internationally. Cuba has the advantage that sucrose is not important compared to these countries. It also facilitates revitalization of the industry and contributes to the preservation of human resources.

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