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I did not make any contact with the senior commander.

March 15, 2019 5:50 pm
Updated March 15, 2019 at 6:22 pm

Fernando Ochoa Antich, former Secretary of Defense and Foreign Secretary, denied Friday the announcement by Francisco Pérez in a column entitled "En Secreto". Carabobeño, There he recently communicated with members of the Military High Command to establish a strategy to escape the crisis the country is undergoing.

In the statement, the general has recently confirmed that he has not communicated with any member of the senior command.

The following is a complete statement.

Francisco Francisco, "Pancho" Pérez, a journalist in his column "En Secreto" Karabobedo Regarding the thirteenth, he said, "FANB's high-level military personnel group has started direct contact with colleagues, retired officers with a lot of influence, as soon as possible with the right to formulate strategies, stopping the robbery, And the return of democracy and freedom.

Some members of the High Command are involved in this movement and have nothing to hide. Some of the people in the emergency are Fernando Ochoa Antichi, Raul Salazar, Orlando Manigli, Gustavo Langer Bricio, and even Lucas Lynchon.

"I told the Venezuelans that in the current political situation I have not spoken to any member of the Military High Command and have exposed my views on possible solutions to serious national circumstances to the weekly article, .

However, in order to resolve the serious crisis facing Venezuela on this occasion, the position taken by FANB must be ratified in my opinion. There is no doubt in danger. National sovereignty and the fate of future generations BANB should help resolve complex country situations by:

1. The National Assembly should appoint a transitional government with the moral authority of Venezuela and sufficient institutional justice as soon as possible to obtain the support of important domestic and international political and social forces. The new government must receive full support from our agency.

2. The new government must ensure that all Venezuelans, regardless of their ideology, exercise political rights. There must be no persecution against enemies and political prisoners. The cabinet must be plural and composed of members of recognized ethical, moral and professional conditions.

3. The new government, together with all international guarantees required by the United Nations and the Organization of American States, should convene a fair and equitable national election in the shortest possible time.

4. The new government should normalize its diplomatic relations with all the countries that have acknowledged the constitutionality of the United States, the European Union, the Lima Group and the Juan-Iidian government.

5. The new government must begin deliberate negotiations with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to renegotiate national bonds and acquire new credits in order to face the highly complex economic and financial situation in Venezuela.

It is desirable to include FANB as a guarantor in the negotiations to establish a transition government between the democratic opposition and the patriotic pole.

Specific restrictions should be set before the dialogue begins: absolute respect for the content of the national constitution, three-day time to reach political agreement between the parties, ensuring the normal development of the army representatives and the different political sectors and negotiations The designation of security measures necessary for.

The armed "group" must be neutralized before negotiations begin. Avoiding violence is probably a fundamental factor in the success of such efforts. The new government must ensure that the public order is absolutely robust by taking all necessary measures, including the immediate disarmament of civilians. "

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