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Is winter over? Survey of cryptanalysts predicts BTC price boom | CryptoNews

According to a survey by Adaptive Capital Analyst Willy Woo, winters experienced by the bitcoin and cryptographic markets generally ended between 2018 and 2019, and prices have already bottomed out.

Through his Twitter account, Exposed This Monday April 22 Results of his argument to more than 15 analysts in the password market with a simple question: What is the bit coin price already bottoming out?

Among 17 analysts including Wu (including himself), the certainty that bitcoin's price has already reached a low price in the middle of the bear market was more than 69%. Once this assessment is confirmed, BTC is expected to continue to increase over the last few weeks.

Analysts from adaptive capital account for exactly 95% of respondents. Jesse Powell, founder of Kraken; And investment analyst Arjun Balaji all accounted for 90%.

Galaxy Digital's Michael Novogratz is one of those who predicts a positive future for the major cryptocurrency markets. Erik Voorhees, Shapeshift Clearinghouse founder; Nic Carter, founder of Coin Metrics. Or Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital.

Less optimistic is, for example, the president of Lucid Investment, Tyler Jenks. Given that the bitcoin is only 20% of the time it has reached the lowest price, I think it is unlikely to get close to the password market at the end of the winter. Investor Vinny Lingham has not seen the end of the bear market yet and has given a 30% chance of response.

On Twitter, other analysts have joined Willy Woo, raising their support for the paper that the price of the beat coin had the worst moments.

But Woo emphasized certain statements. Although BTC declared it was unlikely to lower its value again, Jesse Powell felt "never" had no floor or at least.. It was his claim that "everything can reach zero."

Adamant Capital's report, released last week, is consistent with favorable feedback reflected in a survey conducted by Woo. The report in question claims that there are several reasons for optimism about the future of Bitcoin. I see Adamant Capital. This year, strong volatility has begun to accumulate in periods of low volatility.Since the fall of a secret agent in December

At nearly $ 20,000 after peaking at the end of 2017, BTC lost value by 2018 and recorded a 78% depreciation year-over-year. As of the end of last year, BTC was just over $ 3,300. Although it grew 43% in 2019, it was still out of the $ 5,177 live Coin Watch data until it was edited.

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