Wednesday , March 29 2023

Latin America with the most "ransomware" in the US and six other technical clicks



Colombia leads cyber robbery cases in Latin America this year

ESET cyber security company said in 2018, Colombia has the highest number of cyber robberies in Latin America and "ransomware" in Sao Paulo's Information Science Security Forum. Peru (17 percent), Mexico (15 percent), Brazil (11 percent), Argentina (9 percent), Chile, Ecuador and Venezuela (4 percent).

2. Network uncertainty

US Supreme Court gets net neutrality

The Supreme Court of the United States this week turned to the Donald Trump government, which was rejected this week and decides to revoke the provision, which was approved by former President Barack Obama and protects the Internet with public services. The High Court has decided not to deal with disputes over network neutrality. The ruling is a more significant ruling than the Court of Appeals decision to support it.

3.FACEBOOK election

Facebook closes 115 accounts before US elections

Facebook's social network closed 115 accounts for the platform and Instagram just before the US mid-term elections, suspected of US hackers being related to Russian hackers. 30 Facebook and Instagram have blocked this site after receiving notice from the authorities that 85 Internet Research Agency members could control it.

4.WHATSAPP secret

60 Whatsapp emoticons released

The WhatsApp chat platform is available to millions of users worldwide and offers 60 new emoticons, including animated faces, hot faces, frozen faces, lobsters, kangaroos, and raccoon-like animals. Depending on the application, some teeth, other shoes and toolbox, a new emoji library appears.


Volkswagen develops bilateral traffic management system

The German company Volkswagen was the first to develop a traffic management system on a quantum computer that could make vehicles for public transport more efficient and be one of the commercial services. The system uses an anonymous mobile data sent to a mobile phone or vehicle to calculate a "complicated algorithm" for traffic volume and number of people.

6. Bill Gates

Bill Gates presents a toilet of a novel that works without water.

Bill Gates Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, said that China's proposal, which faced a global sanitary crisis that does not need water or connects to a purification system to turn it into a sanitary system and turn human waste into fertilizer to function, Announced. The billionaire has exhibited this new model in Beijing to "relaunch the toilet" and accelerate adoption and commercialization.

7.GOOGLE Artificial Intelligence

Google launches challenge to compensate NGOs using AI

The tech giant Google has started a "challenge" to reward. Around $ 25 million worldwide for developing projects that use AI (AI), scholarships for NGOs, corporations, and academic institutions for social purposes via the US company requesting "Google Impact Challenge for IA" I started. EFE


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