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Malaria Sent from Anzoategui | People

In 2018, more than 53 patients died from the entity. Photo: Note

More than 53 patients died in 2018. Photo: Note

Agustín Rodríguez

The alarm went on to the news: By the end of the year, 4,200 cases of malaria were reported in Anzoátegui provinceAccording to the doctor who is in charge of Saludanz, Omar Array.

In this situation Former Minister of Health, José Félix Oletta,He said, "We have expanded the supply area by repeating the epidemic behavior of diseases observed in 2017 and 2018 in the state."

Extension causality The Venezuelan public health association and network maintain national dynamics."We are concerned that there are many cases of city transfers in cities like Barcelona, ​​and there is a high recurrence rate due to treatment and mortality disorders of more than 53 in 2018."

"This figure is very high and will continue to rise throughout the year" I guaranteed the minister of health.

Meanwhile, Omar Arrai He pointed out that the measures to control malaria in the individual were defective. "Some shortcomings such as the fact that there is not enough pesticide.

We have special treatments for patients with this disease, but we have been in the state for almost 20 days to be short of these insufficient products. "

To control malaria, early diagnosis is needed as a way to neutralize the disease.


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