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Measles cases found in the world's fourth largest shareholder in early 2019

Geneva .- A four – fold increase in measles cases over the first three months of this year compared to the same period last year warned the World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday, adding that the rate of growth in Africa is 700%.

"To date, 170 countries have reported 112,163 measles to WHO in 2019.

On the same day last year, 28,124 measles were recorded in 163 countries. The United Nations (IAEA) said in a statement that it was provisional figures and still incomplete.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports less than one in 10 cases worldwide, which means that the extent of the epidemic is much more important than official statistics.

This data is tentative (…) but many measles represent a clear trend that the major measles spike is a victim and the number of cases in all parts of the world is steadily increasing. "

Africa is in the order of Europe (+ 300%), eastern Mediterranean (+ 100%) and the United States (+ 60%), followed by 700% Southeast Asia / .

Measles is one of the infectious diseases without healing treatments, but according to WHO, it can be prevented by two "safe and effective" vaccines.


By 2016, the disease has declined, but the distrust of the vaccine has increased and in the richer countries, it is rising again in the wealthy countries due to lack of access to treatment.

According to the WHO, measles has soared in Congo, Ethiopia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Madagascar, Burma, the Philippines, Sudan, Thailand and the Democratic Republic of Ukraine. age. "

"In recent months, extreme cases have occurred in countries with high rates of worldwide vaccination, especially those in countries where the disease has been widespread among people who have not been vaccinated in the US, Israel, Thailand and Tunisia," he said. organism

In Western countries, "anti-vaccine" has been proven to be counterfeit by the author Andrew Wakefield of England, but it is based on a 1998 publication linking this treatment with autism, and in several studies, Of the population.

In the New York county, a measles epidemic, the City Council of the city declared sanitation and took extreme measures. The most affected areas are those with many Jewish Orthodox churches.

The disease is characterized by very high fever and rash. 4 days after this rash is infectious on the 4th.

It is often benign and can occur in serious complications, respiratory infections (respiratory infections), and neurological (encephalitis), especially in frail individuals.

In 2017, according to WHO, the death toll from measles reached 110,000.

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