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Microsoft hacker alerts to access your Outlook account mail



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(Caracas, April 15, News 24) – Microsoft warned users of email service and personal information management Outlook on Monday. At least one hacker was able to access your personal account for months. I could read the e-mail I sent or received.

The company in Redmond (Washington, USA) said it was telling affected individuals individually through a statement, but how many Internet users did not know exactly how their personal information was compromised by an attack.

The "hacker" or "hacker" group was illegally handled with access credentials from a Microsoft customer support technician., Which allowed me to access the support interface, where I could see the email address, the folder name stored in the cloud, and the "subject" line of the email, as well as the content in some cases.

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"A small group (about 6% of affected consumers)," the company pointed out, is known to have unauthorized access to malicious actors (in the context of hackers or hackers) to the contents of their e-mail accounts.

Computer attacks lasted almost three months., From January 1, 2019, the company itself, from March 28, when Microsoft employees detected and disabled it.

A professional portal motherboard cited anonymous sources of "many" accounts affected.

Over the past few months, there has been increasing pressure from governments around the world. In order to better defend the user's data from possible attacks by hackers,

Last October, Facebook, the most popular social network in the world, said that 30 million accounts were hacked by hackers who steal personal information from most of their name and contact information (such as mail). E, phone number or both).

Also, Almost half of the affected people also deleted data from their Facebook profile, such as gender, language, marital status, residence, date of birth, employment, education, and more.

Source of information: EFE.

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