Thursday , March 30 2023

Mining pool threatening chain not adopting Craig Wright's offer | CryptoNews


Empty block mining violates current network rules. But this is thought to be the attack of SharkPool miners. Because the goal is Thereby eliminating all transactions in the block. Converts a mining pool to a pool without the benefit of processed transactions.

On a network using Job Test (PoW) Miners get compensation. There are two ways to include the currency and transaction fee created in the block.

Miners who have joined Wright's status in this way will prove their rights as members of the BCH network according to SharkPool tweets. That Location of Light His followers That force Network is located in the miner The user does not have permission to make network decisions..

Likewise, Lite Insurance Those users You simply pay the miners to add valid transactions to blocks with conditions that they can accept.

It is unclear what the first purpose of the current SharkPool attack is. However, given that the proposal for BSV is a proposal from the Bitcoin ABC group, it is possible that the chain capturing this group will be the target of the first attack

However, Kuqi Declared Last year you mentioned in your twitter account "All alts, ICOs and shitcoins will be hunted."And" The time has come to fulfill this promise. "Thus, attacks can overcome the war between BCH network members and transcend other ecosystem calls.

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