Wednesday , November 25 2020

Must see! When the love ends, what happens to Karol G's tattoo? Here's Anuel AA (video)

First of all, we must say that at this moment, reggaeton is the most popular couple in the world. Anuel AA And Carol G, This year they have a fantastic "Guilty tours"I have continued to read the desperate things about these two lovers so that I can share unforgettable moments on stage and enjoy more time as a couple!

If you do not know, in the press conference they offered, the star of the urban genre was more in love than ever before about the big tattoo that the Puerto Rican singer made back to his face with his beloved face, They responded to what would happen if they ended the relationship or the love was over.

"Nothing happened, and if I put it in there, it's for something," he said. Anuel AA. The young Colombian replied: "Tattooing thinks the body is like a newspaper, and if you have skin, it's very important because you can not regret what you wanted tomorrow." "You have to look at their faces!

On the other hand,She wants to drink."And"Bobalou"he is Carol G She is the best girlfriend she ever had because she always shows her unconditional support. "He does a lot of things that people can not even imagine," he admitted. And when he asked about his previous partner and his son's mother, he simply said it was a false statement that he did not recognize the image of the profile.

Finally, the author mentioned the situation in his home country. Puerto RicoIt is a difficult subject to talk about the waves of violence, but he confessed that he should learn how to change to become a better person. "More families are suffering for all their lost lives," the interpreter concluded. Do not waste any more time and see the entire memo written by Univision's "El gordo y la flaca" program!

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