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One study warns that fast food and lack of exercise cause serious brain damage

Researchers at the Australian National University, led by Professor Nicolas Cherbuin, have warned in recent research that poor health can aggravate brain health much earlier than previously thought.

This study, published in the Frontiers Journal of Neuroendocrinology and summarized in the MedicalXpress portal, Today, 650 calories are consumed more than 50 years ago.This is the same as a standard junk meal consisting of hamburgers, fries and soda. In the case of Cherbuin, this means that "a lot of people ate food that was unhealthy," and that overeating food, especially fast food, was excessive.

The study, which analyzed 200 international studies, estimates that it is close to 30% of the world's adult population Overweight or Obesity, And more than 10% of adults will suffer from type 2 diabetes by 2030.

"People are destroying their brains with little or no exercise in a poor-quality fast-food diet," the scientist says. "Unhealthy eating habits and long-term exercise can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, Significant reduction of brain function, Dementia and cerebral contractions "

"Neurodegeneration has been established much earlier, and we have found a clear link between brain dysfunction and the choice of an unhealthy lifestyle," he added.

Cherbuin, in his middle age, Damage can not be reversed.So he asks the people to "eat healthy food and, as soon as possible, preferably in childhood, but be sure to be an adult when you are an adult."

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