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Over 7 hours the driver will take you to the tanker, but in Maracaibo, the & # 39; VIP & # 39; queue dominates.

Over 7 hours the driver will take you to the tanker, but in Maracaibo, the & # 39; VIP & # 39; queue dominates.

The long queue at the gas station in Maracaibo does not decrease. More than seven hours can be taken by an oil tanker, and VIP queues are highlighted at various gas stations in front of public officials.

At the Maracaibo Services station, a few meters from the Miranda building near La Limpia Avenue, more than 50 lines of vehicles have disappeared and no army existed. There are about 10 cars 'VIP' queues where individual drivers and PDVSA staff are waiting for the tanker to quickly.

Roxana Palmar of the Bolivar region says, "I am waiting for six hours and there is a lot of corruption, while others are paying 40,000 Bolivars in cash and passing quickly.

A VIP ticket at a gas station costs $ 5 to $ 10 and can be paid in Colombian pesos.

At the same time, the effronter dominates in the El Turf bomb of the detour 2. There were two preferential queues that collected more than 30 vehicles. Ironically, the chauffeur entered the urbanization San Rafael with 150 vehicles, "we are cola" and the "legitimate" route was too long.

The driver protested at El Turf because the line was "moving very slowly".

La Paz's Arnaldo López said, "I do not know what the cars do, I came here from 3 in the morning and the line moves very slowly.

In bombs like the Amparo in the same road artery, there was a line but it was not full. The driver waited for gandola to arrive. "Here we are waiting (…) If they say they arrive after a while, they stay here," said Romer Álvarez.

At the Las Lomas E / S, however, the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) arrived at 10 am and ordered the scene. The driver around him had to retire. "But I wait for them to leave to see the disaster happen again," the driver said.

Las Delicias chaotically showed many people on the island and in the car at the entrance and exit.

"The heat is overwhelming. It is unlikely that it will be more than seven hours in this queue." Where is the 25 information team to end the mob at the gas station? " I asked Southern Osdalys Urdaneta at El Bajo.

El Stud (Av. Padilla) had a preferential line to enter through the pump outlet. However, La Calzada EMI (El Milagro) was organized by a soldier.

That is how the tail finds an official in E / S service Maracaibo.
This was how E / S service lines for officials in Maracaibo looked.

On this issue, the governor of the state of Julia, Omar Prieto, said: "If we go to Syria or Afghanistan, we can still make and organize a queue because foreigners have offered us this war. There are civil servants and firefighters there, so we can do our best to charge extra fees, make family or friends, but we are in war.

Prieto added: "There are a lot of questions about gasoline, if there is no gasoline there is a gas station without gasoline and there is a stock gas station, but there are about 400 gas stations every time there is an interruption, we restart the Bajo plant and then install the turbine Then gandola will keep gandola so that you can empty the truck to start pumping and dispensing. "

On Tuesday, May 15, Néstor Reverol, Cabinet, Justice and Peace Minister, said 25 intelligence teams were deployed in the state to investigate allegations at gas stations. We will submit it to the appropriate criminal jurisdiction. "

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