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Pavel Granados of the Frida Kahlo voice; That's not all.

1932 Frida Kahlo of New York.

1932 Frida Kahlo of New York.

Owned by Carl Van Vechten. Collection "Reviving the Past" / INAH.

The director National Sound LibraryA few days ago, two days ago, in an interview with radio UNAM, Frida Kahlo voiced his voice throughout the world and his first impression of listening to the audio was disappointing.

This is possible after the discovery of discovery, Sound record I left a collection of works other than the recording of the most acclaimed Mexican artist's voices in the world that I had ever believed.

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Photo: New York's Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera / Carl Van Vechten, 1932 collection "Reviviendo el Pasado" – INAH.

Stamps of love and hatred at the same time

Its tone Sweet and melodious In order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Diego Rivera, Friducha & # 39; s talking with her husband during his recording in 1949 is undoubtedly the work of two experts radioAs to his own family and generally followers of painters.

But in the case of Pável Granados this is disappointing for our Memory It is not possible. reality. For example, there are many stereotypes about Frida. If she was "manly", she would have heard a much stronger voice if she had a mustache.

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Posted by Kevin Aragon, Wednesday, June 12, 2019

His family doubts that it is his true voice.

I know Marade., Kahlo's direct descendant expressed her view of why it was not her voice and, as she thought, the other generation was Frida's tone It sounded a little hoarse. Because of the amount cigar A smoker

For that part, the driver Javier Sposa I have positioned the tape around the world to see how it was made. The reason is that Professional announcer Who is reading the text, and according to the cadence he is talking about. But in Granada, the only explanation for Frida's voice was described by the French photographer Gisele Freund:

The spores are wrong with Pavel. program "I am happy to know the truth. Fortunately, I know a professional who can help me to know the truth."

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019 Pável Granados Posted by:

Javier Sposa, a fool looking for the truth

Pável Granados is currently in talks with the director of the Frida Kahlo Museum. Blue house) And Hilda Trujillo compared the original source and the control study to submit the audio for intense investigation, even though the audio was recorded on a portable device without being recorded in the radio booth.

But the daughter of Guadalupe Rivera married Kahlo's voice to Esteban Volkov, the grandson of Leon Trosky, country More than The biggest mystery Today's.

Photo: Frida Mexico City pulqueria Inauguration / Collection: Casa Solar – National Archives

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