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Rosalía is in the heel of J Balvin in Latin Grammy.

November 15, 2018 1:15

The public is already gathered outside the doors of the MGM Hotel, and today Latin Grammy is held. People in the lobby believe that they will meet one of the singers, musicians or producers nominated in the contest organized by the Arts and Sciences Academy.

In Venezuela, the broadcast activity can be seen through the TNT signal. During the evening, part of the city prepares the gala. For example, the Promotion of Oz or Concert has been nominated as the best album music album in a big album. Odyssey, But in that category everything seems to be singing: J Balvin pointed to the spotlight. You swing.The disk seems to win easily when called.

Colombia is the favorite of this year's edition with a total of eight candidates, including this year's album and the year's album. You swing. Includes music that penetrated the entire space by TV, radio, digital platform and friends' meetings this year. We were expected to have enough space at the academy. 2018 sounds like "my people", "not fair", "now" and "dangerous".

In that album she will star in the subject "Brillo", Rosalia, a spanish Spanish guest in the Spanish industry this year. Until recently even though he was a stranger to many people, this Latin Grammy continued to be nominated for all five songs. The album "Malamente" bad.

Born in 1993, her music features a light touch of flamenco and electronic, R & B and pop. It surprised some of the criticism and was approved on special pages like Pitchfork.

One of the most anticipated and curious performances in the gala at the MGM Grand Garden Arena will be with Marc Anthony and Bad Bunny, Open for dinner.

Other confirmed presentations are Balvin, David Aguilar, Jorge Drexler, Kany Garcia, Mon Laferte, Natalia Lafourcade, Víctor Manuelle, Los Recoditos Band and Sebastian Yatra.

Venezuela is also pointing out today that it can have such celebrations as the phonographs María Rivas, Los Píxel, Claudia Prieto, Miguel Siso, Daniel Calveti, Linda Briceño, Ulises Hadjis, Gustavo Guerrero, Masa and Juan Carlos Luces.

Latin Grammy



Red carpet: 7:30 pm

Event: 9 pm

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