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Samsung releases Galaxy Fold

Samsung Electronics has announced that several experts have postponed the launch of the Galaxy Fold with folding screen at the end after blaming the device.
The company admitted that mobile, which will be available for $ 1,980 next Friday, "needs further improvement."
"We expect to have a date to leave next week," he said. He added to the company, which promised "action to strengthen screen protection".
The company received great acclaim for this model at an event held in San Francisco in February. With this device, Samsung became the first manufacturer to launch a smartphone with a folding screen, which hurt competitor Apple.
After another manufacturer did something like China Huawei.
But last week, some professional journalists and analysts who received the model to test it found a problem primarily due to screen gaps.
Samsung announced on Thursday that it would review the device, but did not comment on the launch.
This is a major new hurdle for Korean companies that have gained a reputation in 2016 after several Galaxy Note 7 batteries exploded.

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